A new way to “feel” your film

Inspecting film with a synchronizer is slow, complex and imprecise.

Inspecting film with Scout is fast, easy and accurate.

Know your collection like never before.

Scanning isn’t only about preservation, it’s about access. That’s why the Cinequal Scout 16 creates viewable workprints instantly while also using computer vision technology to “see” your film’s damage.

With FI-16 you can: 

  • Monitor the condition of circulating collections.
  • Inspect new acquisitions.
  • Generate digital film copies.
  • Prioritize preservation activities.
  • Prepare for digital transfers.
  • Create online proxies and delivery formats.
  • Insure the collections’ integrity for long term storage and archive.

API Integration

FI-16 integrates to your current asset management system using a flexible open standard API. The robust metadata schema, based on pbCore, allows you to store only the information important to you, and integrates seamlessly with existing workflow tools.

Custom Metrics & Parameters

All parameters within FI-16 are user-customizable. For instance, you can set maximum allowable shrinkage values appropriate for your scanning hardware instantly and create a scanning queue based on your own system’s tolerances.

Flexible Storage & Server Options

FI-16 has its own internal computer so you can add your favorite monitor, keyboard, mouse, and barcode scanner. Scout's internal computer runs Ubuntu-Linux and employs open source tools and utilities.



A list of our most commonly asked questions regarding FI-16. Don’t see what you are looking for here? Contact us below.

Does FI-16 only analyze 16mm film?

Currently, FI-16 only analyzes 16mm film. However we are currently working on creating the FI-8, a separate attachment to FI-16 than can analyze 8mm and S8mm film. Please check out the company roadmap for updates on this and other upcoming product offerings.

Can I rent a FI-16 machine?

Yes, you can rent FI-16 for a monthly fee on a yearly basis. Please contact us for more information regarding monthly fees and leasing details. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

What will I need to use a FI-16 machine?

In order to operate FI-16 you will need an operator (no film experience needed) and an empty table, power outlet, computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse. It is also recommended that you have a strong internet connection and a barcode scanner.

How hard is it to operate a Scout?

Operating FI-16 is extremely easy. The user simply has to thread the film through four rollers, select the inspection speed and fill out inspection details onscreen. From there, the user can move on to another task until the inspection is complete.

Don’t believe us? Our two machine operators with the company have no experience with film. We purposefully did this to see how easy it was to operate FI-16 and to find ways to make it even easier to use!