Skyping into Support

20 years ago I had bookshelves full of manuals. I used analog equipment in those days. Today my bookshelves are still full of valuable and interesting books but none of them are about equipment or how to use it.

Why? The digital age. But I’m still analog! And so are the people joining us in this journey to see and understand the films preserved in our archives.
Analog films persist in the digital age so we think it’s time to use digital tools to support the analog people we’re seeking to serve.
We have lots of written notes about our products but we don’t expect you to read them.
You probably have a video camera in your pocket right now. We do! That’s how we want to support you. Live and in person, as analog as we can get over digital transmissions to wherever you and your films are.
You can email us and we’ll assume you’d like an answer within a day. You can call us on the phone (347-442-7939) and we’ll answer if our hands are free. We’re a small company so none of us has a telephone headset on all day but we’ll call you back.

You know what we like best? A calendar invitation. That tells us when you’re available to talk and/or show us what you’re interested in. We can show you what we have and how we use it.

At Cinequal we use live online meetings every day. Ain’t the internet cool?